D-EYE Portable Retinal Imaging System

D-EYE - a digital window to the body

The innovative D-EYE Portable Eye and Retinal Imaging System easily attaches to a smartphone creating a ophthalmic camera for vision care screening and evaluation.
Finally, a pocket-sized eye examiner that goes where patients are.

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D-EYE - a digital window to the body Enabling telemedicine and improving access to vital health services

Simple, Effective, Affordable
Nearly 300 million people around the world suffer visual impairment, 240 million of those cases could be prevented or cured.
But first they must be screened and detected. This is where D-Eye comes in...
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The innovative D-EYE system allows regular screenings of the eye, providing information about noticeable eye diseases and capturing images for further evaluation of specific medical conditions.
The only truly portable ophthalmoscope capable of recording, storing and transmitting high-definition images and video of the eye.

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The remarkable D-EYE portable eye and retinal imaging system

D-EYE turns a smartphone into a portable retinal camera, capable of recording and transmitting high-definition photos and videos of the posterior of the eye for clinical assessment.